archichefArchichef is a creative studio based in Amsterdam and focused on a mix of architecture and food design. It was born under the name dr. Architect & mr. Chef thanks to Pasquale Pontillo, an Italian architect who is fond of design and creative cooking. In Archichef’s view architecture, design and cuisine are disciplines related to the evolution of social habits. Many new objects, living spaces and foods have happened to change completely people’s lifestyles.

Pasquale Pontillo says: “My experience as an architect has definitely influenced my general point of view. Shapes, colours, materials, textures are things I am constantly focused on, even while I am cooking. The different combinations of these elements within the same plate or on the same table have always looked interesting and appealing to me. Besides this, I am also very curious to discover people’s reactions when they try for the first time my delights. For instance, when I introduced my surprise balls (i.e. plastic toy capsules containing mini sandwiches of different flavours) people were both amazed and amused. The game aspect is very important to me. People are in fact supposed to interact with my creations. Again, all the five senses have to be involved in the game”.

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