Eszter Imre

imresztiEszter Imre is a Hungarian designer and ceramic artist living and working in Sweden, also known by her brand imreszti. With a strong background in arts, crafts and ceramics she creates objects for trust and love, focusing on function and user experience rather than shapes. Her most beloved material is porcelain, in which many of her designs are created. Eszter’s attention is to show the best of the material’s nature and visually describe functions with elegance and simplicity.
Her collections Ceffee Latte and Table-Wear in particular present an interesting take on designing for food and elevating tableware to jewellery.  Eszter says: “I want you to remember this object: I want you to want it, to love it, to use it, to keep it for many years and pass it to your grandkids. I want to design a part of your day, part of your life”. (Source: Eat Me, Appetite for Design. Page 87)

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