Francesca Zampollo

Dr Francesca Zampollo is the founder of the International Food Design Society, the founder of the Online School of Food Design©, and the Founding Editor of the International Journal of Food Design. Francesca has a PhD in Design Theory applied to Food Design. She is a Food Design researcher, consultant and a keen Public Speaker.

Francesca has taught Food Design and Design Thinking as a Senior Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology, and London Metropolitan University. Francesca’s current research project, In Search of Meaningful Food, investigates food from the perspectives of emotions, memories and memories.

Francesca has initiated a Food Design specific branch of Design Thinking, called Food Design Thinking. Her paper published in the Journal of Creative  Behaviour, titled Food Design Thinking: a branch of Design Thinking specific to Food, is the first and only academic publication on the topic so far. Francesca Also designed the first (and only at the moment) two Food Design Thinking tools: TED, themes for Eating Design, and Thoughts For Food, a set of thematic cards for Idea Generation in Food Design.

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