Geert Jan van Veelen

vanVeleenGeert Jan van Veelen is a Dutch designer, graduated industrial design in 2002. He is experienced in packaging design and complex 3D products. 3 Years ago he started his own design company. From his office near Rotterdam Airport his designs fly over the world. From sketch to 3D rapid prototyping .“With a new packaging design you can create a new  experience. People will connect this positive feeling to your brand”. For example he designed a disposable packaging for Fish and Chips. It has the shape of a boat. The product has a second life; Children play with the boat on the beach. The disposable is made from a special recyclable material. To emphasize food is Art, he designed the Party Palette, a plate in the shape of a painters palette. It has a place for glass, forks, knives, spoon and sauces. His newest product, a herring packaging is very popular in Holland. The product has less enviromental CO2 impact than the old carton herring packaging.

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