Heston Blumenthal

heston2Heston Blumenthal says: “I love the idea of bringing different disciplines together. […] I think no longer should restaurants be considered as places to go and get full, and maybe enjoy the process. Why can’t you go to a restaurant and come out and, you have been satiated, but you’ve had an experience. So it’s using food to generate an emotional experience: the restaurant shouldn’t necessarily have to fill you up. But because we do eat for energy, we eat to exist, to survive, it’s still a big change for many people, to say that the future role of restaurants, although not all of them, obviously, is that they should be considered as places of entertainment, as fun. You go to the theatre, you go to the cinema, you go to an art gallery; restaurants can still generate excitement, emotion, sadness, but they do it in a way that’s quite unique, because they are putting food into your body”. His ideas of the eating experience that considers food as well as ambiance and atmosphere, makes him more than a chef; Heston Blumenthal is indeed a Food Designer.

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