Naomi Bijlefeld

NaomiBijlefeldprofileNaomi Bijlefeld graduated in December 2012 at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. For her graduation project her source of inspiration was de Noordoostpolder. To help process nature’s bounty on-site, Naomi Bijlefeld designed a special hand-operated processing machine that removes soil, unwanted leaves, peels and also slices fruit and vegetables into pieces, preparing the harvest for immediate use in the kitchen, or storage in the freezer. Bijlefeld was inspired by her own childhood experiences with kitchen gardens: “Where I grew up, everyone had a big vegetable garden, that was the norm.”

The machine consists of two buckets: one with a knife, and a strainer bucket. First you place the strainer bucket in the machine in order to make your food clean and remove the dirt. The lid of the machine is also the cutting board. After this you place the bucket with the knife in the machine and connect it with the handle which connects with the knife. Now you can place the food that needs to be cut in the bucket and press it with the pestle that goes trough the lid.  Naomi says: “The machine is still a prototype and I’m developing the machine with a company to bring it on the market “

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