Luka Or

Luka OrLuka Or is a product and interaction designer based in Israel. He started his design studio in beautiful Jaffa after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from HIT (Holon Institute of technology, Israel) in 2003. Luka loves products and specializes in designing products that tell stories by the way they look and the way they are used. He believes magic is real and uses playfulness and humor as a way to create magical products. Luka design studio specializes in designing gift products and toys for companies such as Mattel and monkey business, always leaving time for studio projects and one-off gallery pieces. Although Luka does not consider himself a very good cook, he found  he has a knack for designing food related products that answer a need or fix a problem  while adding humor and emotion in the kitchen. Since 2006 Luka is back at HIT, this time as a design professor, teaching product and interaction design.

Luka’s work has been displayed in exhibitions and museums around the world and won international prizes.

Blossom – floral food picks, is a product designed for Monkey Business.

Luka Or studio

Monkey Business

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