Into the Food

Into the Food is an Italian Food Design studio founded by designer Antonella Mignacca. Into the Food has developed a specific expertise in the area of food and eatinto the food5sing design. By focusing on the creation of an experience connected with eating and interacting with food, our investigation opened up a whole new world of possibilities and brought their field of research into uncharted territory. Designing the way we eat allows to build on the existing relationship between people and food – and take it to a whole new level.

The first projects were food-related fairs and events, which provided the first port to learn about this into the food4sfascinating subject. Food progressively revealed its
manifold nature as a way to send a social 
message, a cause for reflection, a bearer of cultural traditions, etc.

The discovery of new opportunities to experiment with food lead this duo to believe that food and eating design could breathe fresh life into high gastronomy. In a moment when both design and gastronomy are increasingly shifting their focus from functionality to experience and haute cuisine is receiving considerable media attention worldwide, the need of experimenting and innovating food has become a priority.

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