Taller de Casquería

Taller de Casquería works across disciplines, not ascribing their resolutions to any of them in particular. Their work aims to build on an ambitious understanding of the role of the architect that looks beyond the framework conditions of the status quo and does not shy away from proposing complex technical, social and political innovations. Taller de Casquería uses action, time, pop or commercial tools that allow them to develop conceptually, ironic and precise proposals.

Taller de Casquería

“Catering Service” is an exercise specifically made for the 2016 Winter Workshops in IED Madrid (European Institute of Design) by Taller de Casquería. The workshop is taken by interior and product design students from first to third year. Being part of the five days Winter workshops program, it opens the new spring term. “Catering Service” developed a new thought into the gastronomic frame, proposing the creation and late destruction of a big edible installation for the closing day party. “Catering Service” was oriented towards the production of a single spatial structure, capable of containing several eatable elements based on the knowledge of traditional bakeries. “Catering Service” researched in terms of protocols, environment, texture, flavour, consistency, resistance and identity. “Catering Service” is developed through a theoretical and practical methodology. The course is composed by two parallel lines, one theoretical and the other one, practical, taken as a goal the construction of a common object. In the theoretical line, the students are invited to analyse a regular catering service, disassociating it into two different parts: one hard, infrastructural, referred to the catering service itself, the service’s environment, etc. and another soft part, related to the food, experience, etc., capable to evolve in time. The structural nature of the piece is defined through the desire of join both concepts in the same object. The practical development of the workshop begins with the study of bread generic properties: it´s consistency, shape, size, resistance, texture, flavor, etc., with the aim of designing a menu which has to be eaten with the containing element, that works at the same time as a food and structure. The menu is settled out as ‘flavour-capsules’ over big bread surfaces, floating in this new dinning room. The disposition and height of these surfaces depends both on the meals and the way they have to be eaten: with cutlery sets, hands or directly from the surface. The structure works as a big support for both the ‘crackers’ and the environmental devices which condition the space where the meal is taking part. The result is a big, unique piece that includes the concepts and conclusions reached in the five days of work. A review of the conventions linked to the act of eating. A waiters crew, the cutlery, a big baroque salon, a menu, the outside, the inside, the weather, the starters, mains and desserts, the dance floor…


photo credits: Mariaeugenia Serrano Díez

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