Isabelle Majou

Isabelle Majou an industrial designer based in France who focuses on Isabelle Majou4food related projects. She works with food with the intention of avoiding waste and superfluous creations, and rather trying to exalt what is already vital. Isabelle believes in the importance of observing people in their daily life, in their habits, in their eating manners, understanding what they like or dislike, what makes them live, what entertains them or what touches them,  in order to create products that will mark their minds. She is inspired by the contrast between opposite fields, by designing for all senses, by drawing from memory and proposing anecdotes that remind us of our history.

In 2016 Isabelle collaborated with a chef on a “music snack”, with a sweet side and a salty side. Having noticed that music influences food appraisal and pleasure, the recipes of the two sides were developed by imagining tastes, colors, shapes or textures of two song. The music snack is designed to be enjoyed while listening to these songs.

Isabelle is commited to link the eater to the food, and to design unforgettable eating experiences. Since 2012 she has worked for the food-processing industry in multidisciplinary teams. The question she investigates in her projects is: how can we reconcile food with culture and senses?

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