Kristiane Kegelmann

Born and raised in Munich, the artist Kristiane Kegelmann has found a new home for her creative work in the young and vibrant metropolis of Berlin.Her works are inspired by sculptural forms, but she doesn’t exactly view herself as a sculptor in the classical sense. With her focus on ephemeral materials such as chocolate and other edible ingredients which she combines with solid materials like cement, glass, and steel, the artist invites viewers to enter into a personalised sensory experience in which both touch and taste play immanently important roles. The experience of the work, in other words, the clearing away and internalization of first impressions, stands as a metaphor for engaging with the work in a manner that approaches the incomplete whole. This transformation, which the observer experiences through diverse sensory impressions, symbolically stands for the experience of the beauty of the imperfect.

Along with numerous group exhibitions initiated by the Berlin gallery Zagreus, the art association Art van Demon and the Neue Galerie Berlin, as well as solo exhibitions such as „Bittersweet“ with the Henrike Höhn Kunstproje, “Second Glance” in the smac Gallery, and „a≡a“ in the art
association Artburst, the young artist has been able to impress a wide audience with her works.

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