Kristiane Kegelmann

The berlin based food designer Kristiane Kegelmann

is questioning and reinterpreting the settled concept of the classical patisserie. Do we always have to consume desserts the same way? Why do they all look the same? In her work process Kristiane confronts herself with exactly these questions. During the conceptualisation of her pastry sculptures and installations she creates a synergy between colors, shapes and taste experience. Inspired by the sujest of specific events or commissions she’s evolving the individual creation. Kristiane found a way to both sculpture edible pastry installations who’s taste is intense with a creamy consistence, and achieve a complicated architecture of those sculptures.
One of her goals is to create sculptures set together out of many small edible well tasting pieces, while during consumption the sculpture changes its shape and finally gets eaten completely by the recipient. No dirty cuts but clean vision.
For Kristiane every project is a new challenge that teaches her a lot about food structure and potential ways to work with the ingredients. Due to personal experience with food allergies she aims to let people both with and without such restrictions partake in the rich duality of experiencing such pieces with both their eyes and paletes.

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