Design&food.housealice is an experience event and eating studio, originates as a centre for appling research to novelty and fruition of consumption and hosting. It defines and develops events, and delivers conceptual design around emotion linked to locations, atmospheres, and food.

Ivana Carmen Mottola is founder, Creative Director and designer at Design&; she is a Post-Graduate from Sant’Anna / Normale in Pisa in Creative Management and Innovation and from, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano in Experience Design. Having acquired extensive knowledge and experience trough her role as F&B and Event Manager for Supperclub Italia, Ivana has developed a vast network , conducting and organizing training and experience conventions with an international framework.

Design& focuses on experiential design  that focuses on creating events that trigger many senses, welcoming within a single dinner emotion associations or puzzling occurrences around a unique artistic experience. provides its culinary consultancy through the combination of an acquired food and gastronomic research and creative concept to customized “food events” and “taste experience designs”. Design& mesmerizes its guests by enticing their eyes, delighting their taste buds, and feeding their soul, by creating, elaborating or re-elaborating offers where the atmosphere soars to a tale where the participant is active yet guided by fairy-tale like characters, on a roller-coaster of emotions and taste.

The’s experiential tasting interventions are to be understood as real ‘gashes of time’ where the audience dwell and regenerate themselves. This is the way we use to open ourselves to the Convivio, and to its multifaceted sociality – visual and tactile at the same time – in which entertainment, performative act and play, melt through a Regia Dei Sensi as result of an admirable blend of different flavors, aromas, olfactory suggestions, and  aerial diffusion, creating a diverse dimension, both conceptually and materially.

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