Disfruta Disegno 2014

Dis_fruta Design 2014 was the  2nd Latin American Meeting of Food Design, an opportunity to strengthen and highlight the participation of Food Design in Latin America. This second meeting aimed to bring together international, regional and local actors around the theme of Food Design in order to generate discussion from the following questions:

  • What are we doing to improve relations of humans with food from design in Latin America?
  • From design How you interact with food to a social, cultural and heritage projection?
  • What should be the role of design and food in areas, competitive, sustainable and politicians in Colombia and the region?

Watch all the presentations here


Pedro Reissig – USA / Argentina

Edouard Malbois- France

Francesca Zampollo

Alejandro Otálora – Colombia

Victoria Molina – Mexico

Noel González Rivero – Peru

Fabio Parasecoli – USA / Italy

Daniel Bergara Obiol – Uruguay

Ricardo Yudi – Brazil

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