Panem Et Circenses

Panem Et Circenses is an art collective created by AlessandraPanemEtCircenses Ivul and Ludovico Pensato in 2012. Based in Bologna, in 2015 PEC opened the Center for Contemporary Art on Food Culture (CACCA).

“A genuine site-specific approach fused with an associative vocation are the founding elements of the research that underlies the aesthetic and formal choices of the art collective Panem Et Circenses’ artistic practice, that includes installation, performance and actions.

With this framework in mind and as the art collective’s name clearly indicates, PEC’s works choose to focus attention on food as a place of significance and language, and as a fundamental relational device that considers the utility of shared analysis on ideas such as nutrition, enjoyment, resources, the earth, authenticity and imitation.

Panem Et Circenses speaks in terms of conceptual ideas concerning food because food is clearly not a neutral subject-matter or an element that is simply transferred from the earth to our plates; it is a cultural product – an object constructed according to rules within a general economy on the basis of our relationship with reality, that is, with others, nature and the histories that originate in the past.

In conclusion, the collective Panem Et Circenses analyses food as a cultural medium – a sign endowed with a symbolic apparatus, having varying inflections in form, and possessing histories related to the- se forms. It is a medium that has been constructed as a means to communicate, using comprehensive grammar that has been functioning over the centuries as a binder and a vital connector between us and the world throughout our evolutionary process.”

– extracted from Panem Et Circenses statement by Silvia Petronici independent curator – – –

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