The Boba Room

The Boba Room is the first bubble tea wonderland served with the most popular bubble tea in NYC. Curated by Chaimi Food Studio

You never know what you will find in this city. This phrase was invented to describe the Boba Room. It will blow your mind.

It is one-thousand six-hundred square feet of pure, dreamy boba tea wonderland replete with a decorative installation. Included upon entry is access to some the most wondrous and delicious bubble tea by Vivi Bubble Tea Tales LES. The Boba Room will be hosted by Open Space Gallery from April 22nd to May 6th on the Bowery @ 355A.

The whole installation comes from a simple sentiment shared by Yanqiong Zeng and Iris Danlu Xing, the co-founders of Chaimi Food Studio: life would be amazing if it occurred in a cup of bubble tea which constantly replenished its stock with the best tapioca and tea that Jesus himself could find. As such there are bouncing bubbles twenty-five inches in diameter and six feet-long gummy shapes which simply define cute: smiley faces, hearts, and even lollipops! Possibly so much an inverse of a David Lynchian depiction that it comes around and becomes harrowingly Lynchian, this is Yanz and Iris’ version of the dream world!

In The Boba Room, visitors will be also served with the most popular bubble tea in New York City from different bubble tea brands. Each brand will enter The Boba Room on different days so stay tuned! Check out Boba Tea Room’s Instagram page @thebobaroom as well as at!!

The Boba Room is a collaboration with artists and makers from various backgrounds all over the world. There will be Neon Art made by Natalie Jarvis (Electric Confetti), a spectacular wall painting completed by Melody Shih, with balloon artists, and fiberglass sculptors to build up this bubble tea mausoleum.

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Check out the Boba Room’s Instagram@thebobaroom.

To learn more about our studio, please check out the Chaimi Food Studio Instagram @chaimistudio.

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