A chocolate bar for a better world: The Change Chocolate

The Change Chocolate is a fairtrade product by the children’s and youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet. And it lives up to its name: Every piece of the chocolate changes something to good: from planting new trees to paying fair wages. 8.5 million bars have already been sold, which means 2 million new trees have been planted. The chocolate’s shows what exactly each individual piece is good for.

Since 2007, the children’s and youth initiative Plant-for-the-Planet has been planting trees to fight the climate crisis. With the Change Chocolate, the children have found a delicious way for everyone to fight for a better future. For every five bars of chocolate sold, they plant a tree in their own forest area in Campeche, Mexico.

This is made possible by dealers and manufacturers who renounce their profits. To date, more than 2 million trees have been planted by selling the chocolate. Afforestation is the cheapest and easiest way for humanity to succeed in slowing down global warming. Because trees absorb the greenhouse gas CO2 from the air, store the carbon in their wood and produce oxygen.

But the Change Chocolate does not only do something against the climate crisis, but many more good things. This is immediately evident in the design of the chocolate: Differently sized pieces show at a glance how much of the sales price go to which projects.

In addition to 20% for new trees, 21% go directly to the producers of the ingredients as fair payment. Other pieces enable the children to host academies where they train each other as climate justice ambassadors or to use milk from local farmers to avoid unnecessary CO2 caused by transport. Another 18% go to climate neutral production, which is achieved by measures such as afforestation projects on the cocoa plantations – in addition to the new trees planted by Plant-for-the-Planet.

The introduction of the Change Chocolate into the German market was the most successful product launch of a fairtrade chocolate ever. It is available in several big supermarket chains such as REWE, EDEKA or dm.

With a campaign under the motto “Zeig der Welt deine Schoko-ladenseite“ (“Show the world your sweet side”) everyone can help to spread the word about the Change Chocolate: Just take a selfie with the chocolate and post it on Instagram & Co with the hashtag #schokoladenseite. Some celebrities are supporting the campaign with a chocolate selfie as well, for example Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

The concept and design of the Good Chocolate was developed by Leagas Delaney Hamburg. The new mould was made by manufac-turer Max Riner, the chocolate is produced by Chocolats Halba in Switzerland and Develey is in charge of logistics. All partners and companies mentioned here support Plant-for-the-Planet free of charge.

About Plant-for-the-Planet: The initiative was founded in 2007. Nine-year-old Felix Finkbeiner gave a presentation on the climate crisis in school – and had an idea how to do something about it: What if children would plant a million trees in every country on earth? Today Plant-for-the-Planet is active in 193 countries and has planted more than 14 billion trees with the help of many adults.

German facebook page: facebook.com/Die.Gute.Schokolade

The foundation’s international facebook page: facebook.com/plantfortheplanet

German website: plant-for-the-planet.org/de/informieren/die-gute-schokolade

Instagram account of the chocolate: instagram.com/dieguteschokolade/

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