Food Design Katja Gruijters – New Book

Presenting a wonderful new book: “Food Design Katja Gruijters, Exploring the future of food” by Ed van Hinte.

Food Design by Katja Gruijters presents an innovative exploration and definition of everything that concerns food: production, distribution, identity, enjoyment, nutrition and digestion.
Katja Gruijters is a Dutch pioneering food designer. She focuses on new opportunities with regard to health, quality, seductiveness, honesty and particularly waste reduction.
This book presents a selection of her work against the background of the current state of food affairs. Katja Gruijters develops concepts on her own initiative and she gets commissions from various institutions and food enterprises. Katja Gruijters Food Design is intended to inspire professionals and students in the grand universe of food creation.
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About the authors:
Katja Gruijters specialized in food and drink design, after graduating at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
Since 2001, she has worked in her own studio, designing food experiments, concepts, tasting events and products.
She has been commissioned by companies in the Netherlands and abroad and she is involved in education.

Ed van Hinte studied Industrial Design at Delft University.
Today, he is a researcher, teacher, and design critic with more than twenty books to his name.
Renate Boere is an experienced book designer who designed over sixty art books and recently received the International Ward for Book Design.

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