Amber Chan

Amber Chan is the first food designer in Taiwan, who has organized food design workshops and created food design projects since 2012. She also lectures on the contents and the methods of food design in schools, companies, magazines and TV programs.

“As I believe that food design is a way to deliver many important food issues  to the public, my projects always attempt to arouse individual experiences, imagination and reflections on the connections between food and our bodies, society and environments”.

The project Toast Forest-Non Food Waste represents a “ trunk” made of common food, wasted bread crusts. The goal of this scheme is to remind people that discarding food is not just food waste but the damages to the water resources and the ecology environments.

Temptation of the Black Food is a project to deliver how the colors of food affect our dietary preference. I pose a question to the public by asking whether foods remain delicious and appetitive if they all become “black”. By creating this project, Amber hopes to transmit the message that the way foods look delicious is because they are changed by food processing, additives and coloring. Those artificial manufactures apparently are not good for our health.

As for the project Food and People-Daily Food Outfit, Amber’s attempt is to convey a myth that people commonly emphasize more on dressing up accordingly than thinking the ways and the reasons of eating healthy in our daily life. Challenging this concept, she hopes to invite people to consider what they would like to wear if they could choose foods as their daily outfits.

Apart from the career ambitions above, now Amber also works as a columnist particularly engaging in the food issues and the case studies of food design. Her expectations are to inspire people to rethink the necessity of eating good, clean and fair. Through the change of thoughts, people may modify their consumption behavior and take further actions against improper food products and dietary patterns. As for the future plan, she will endeavor to keep working in this field and hope to publish the first traditional food design book in Taiwan.


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