Virtual Food Design Summit 2018

 – February 2018 –

The upcoming Virtual Food Design Summit 2018 offers an opportunity for the worldwide Food Design community to virtually meet, mingle, and share ideas. The Virtual Food Design Summit 2018 is a completely virtual and completely free summit for academics, professionals, and industries.

The Virtual Food Design Summit 2018 follows the 3rd International Conference on Food Design (the first ever virtual and free academic conference on Food Design) the Second International Conference on Food Design (New York, 2015), and the First International Conference on Designing Food and Designing For Food (the first ever academic conference – London, 2012).


You have the power of choosing the speakers for this virtual event! Who is your Food Design Hero? Who inspires you? Who would you like to hear from?

The Virtual Food Design Summit 2018 is powered by the Online School of Food Design©, and supported by the International Food Design Society.

The Virtual Food Design Summit 2018 welcomes those who want to share their work, and those who want to listen, learn, discuss, network, and meet like-minded people. The Virtual Food Design Summit 2018 is FREE for everybody, everywhere.