Free Food Design Course

Do you want to open a restaurant, a catering business, or a food truck? Do you want to become a more innovative chef or a more successful Food Product Designer? Do you want to bring Food Design in your company or Design studio?

The Free course Food Design 101, discusses what Food Design is in all its shapes and forms. The 5 lessons discuss the following content:

Lesson 1: The biggest lie about Food Design

Lesson 2: Know what type of Food Designer you are

Lesson 3: Designing food is more than designing food

Lesson 4: Design for Emotions

Lesson 5: Time to Rock and Roll! Your first Food Design project

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About the Online School of Food Design©

The Online School of Food Design© is a virtual school where to learn what Food Design is and how to do it. The school is for chefs, designers, restaurateurs, food truck owners, and for anyone interested in applying design to food and eating. The courses aim at training new Food Designers and giving new perspective to established Food Designers. The Online School of Food Design© is also a learning space for anyone in the food industry: food companies can learn the basics of Design and how to apply it to their own food product development process.


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