Costas Bissas

Costas is a design consultant based in Greece. His research interests lie between design, technology, wellbeing and culture, focusing on the use of design as a creative and conceptual tool for the development of innovative
products and services. He has explored various aspects of food design as he believes food, a basic human need, is one of the assets that can instigate sustainable transformation of current lifestyles. Through his experimental work he has visited thematics of the environment surrounding the production (, the transparency of production methods and producer ethics (, food preparation (Nisyros x Eggs) and ways which food is offered and made available on the market (Druid de Parnes).
He has collaborated with international organizations such as DeBalie Centre for Culture & Politics in Amsterdam, FutureEverything in Liverpool, the Barbican Centre in London and the SENSEable city Laboratory of MIT in Boston.
His work has been acclaimed by the European Innovative Games Award, the Greek Graphic Design Communication Awards, Mikser Festival of Creativity Innovation and Athens Startup Weekend Sustainability.
Although he has lived 2.5 years next to the Loch Ness, he never managed to locate the monster.

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