Less Table

LESS TABLE is a creative design studio whose activities are broadly related to food, sensations and values; it is a studio in which respect for simplicity goes hand in hand with instincts and an appetite for the sincere emotions. The name of the studio is a concept, suggesting not only to sit and eat less but also think and sense more. It promotes eating as a wild and adventurous experience with a new attitude by transforming all normalities: rules, traditions, etiquette and habits. Practically, activities of Less table include food installations for events, design of edible gifts, creative food workshops, interactive seminars and lectures. Less Table projects can be recognized for the aesthetics primitiveness and
sensorial depth of ideas.

The team members of LESS TABLE are from product design background. They work on projects and include people by using ordinary design principles. Their main focus is to explore and foresee great relations between people and surroundings. The most common material for revealing interfaces is food, the best tool is knowledge, the biggest inspiration is nature. They firmly believe that it is not about cooking or survival by food itself but about discovering food again – through "wow" moments, popping up perceptions. LESS TABLE plays and creates stories of invisible, extra reasons how and why to eat, also with paying attention to what to eat. The essence of each project is the openness and inclusiveness of the process; people are the main characters of each eating story, they usually are subtly involved through action.

Creative food presentation is the trigger of LESS TABLE, and action always helps to feel the meaning as practice always goes with theory. Ideas can be embraced while eating and digested with food. Food with emotions affect people the most. By this meaning Less table work to brighten the human mood, thoughts, experiences, because nowadays, people are very alienated. Games and creative use of food distort frustrating routine, bring people closer to nature and natural needs, and inspires for simple, sincere communication between each other. Fueled by a love of discovery, nature, humans and food, the food rituals of LESS TABLE create harmony between the individual and society, making it easier for each other to understand, be productive, live more consciously and curiously.

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