Natalia Cisterna

“It all started with a small restaurant in the center of Madrid. It was an experience from which I learned that people value what is done with love and that this should always be my starting point. In that small kitchen I learned to make bread, cakes, to cook what is today ‘my food’, simple cuisine with quality ingredients. Rich food, but also beautiful. The beauty of what feeds us is the purest beauty that exists. It is clear that you can eat without paying attention to the composition of the food on the plate, but for a creative person and good food, food and aesthetics go hand in hand, always. Without knowing very well how, that restaurant led to a catering business and this is where my life changes, professionally and personally. This is where I discovered that the aesthetics of food was really important and that I also had to give it an idea so that my work would be round and become an indispensable part of the event. The food generates very primitive, very authentic, very basic interactions with people and is the perfect channel to communicate. During this process, which has lasted these last three years, I have learned to interpret concepts and put them on a table and La Mojigata, nowadays, is no longer just a catering. It is the result of my effort to learn to see and to look and to use food as a means of communication. Value its context, the staging. For this, I use an element that always accompanies the act of eating, a table. Within that perimeter I discovered that everything fits: color, texture, light, sound, taste”. Natalia Cisterna


Project for Thyssen Museum

Breakfast of the future

This is an approach for the breakfast of the future, and how it could look like if we eliminated pleasure and focused only on nutrients.

Breakfast for Creative Mornings

The proposed theme was Honesty. We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the value of food and waste.


This is a project we did around fermentation and, in particular, Kefir.

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