Innovation in food products and events – With Cuchara

(Uruguay) – June 20, 2018

Soledad Corbo: Industrial Designer with training in food design and gastronomy. She has experience on design and development of new products such as packaging and commercial equipment for the food industry. She also gives healthy cooking workshops and has conscious and respectful lifestyle.

Agustina Vitola: Coordinator of the uruguayan node of the Latin American Food Design Network (Red Latinoamericana de Food Design) and part of the interdisciplinary group of Food and Welfare (Núcleo Interdisiciplinario de Alimentación y Bienestar, Universidad de la República), she made his thesis in Anthropology of Food researching food and cooking in its different cultural manifestations. Also, she executed several gastronomic projects and served as a coordinating teacher in the kitchen and dining room of a high school in Montevideo, where she worked with adolescents, transforming the daily practice of preparing lunch into a powerful educational tool.

Cuchara: Cuchara is an uruguayan food design studio that was created with the desire to contribute innovative and creative solutions to problems and needs linked to food. We specialize in design for food, design with food and eating design. We carry out our projects with a healthy, sustainable and educational profile, always based on interdisciplinary and teamwork.

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