Technology and Food Experience Design – With Escaparatech

(Spain) – July 4, 2018

Escaparatech: “We do Experimental i + D + Art and Marketing, that is, we combine technology, design and creativity. We are a young team of professionals with experience in the world of design, engineering and audiovisual art. Our goal is to generate added value to different disciplines by complementing them through artistic research and finding union links so far not explored between art, society and technology. We believe in a synesthetic user experience in which technology and design reinforce the ludic and surprising components of gastronomy and enhance its virtues such as the freshness of its elements, the aromas and the association with other arts such as music. Escaparatech is a fab-lab studio created by Angel Galán and Santiago Lizón. We come from the world of art, music, design and engineering, and we are dedicated to Experience Design. We are focused on the interaction with objects, living plants and food and with a taste for the organic and the gamification of everyday experiences through technology. After our last actions in Madrid Design Week and MINI Hub, we are making synergies with different actors in the world of gastronomy (restaurants, chefs, producers …) and developing new experiential prototypes.”

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