The International Journal of Food Design (IJFD), founded in 2014 by Dr Francesca Zampollo, is the first academic journal entirely dedicated to Food Design research and practice. We aim at creating a platform for researchers operating in the various disciplines that contribute to the understanding of Food Design.

Although the journal is open towards different background disciplines, knowledge and expertise, it only focuses on collecting any Food Design-related research outcome: research that somehow combines food and Design. We define Food Design as simply the discipline that connects food and Design: Design applied to food and eating, or food and eating investigated from a Design perspective. In other words, among all knowledge on food and eating, we look at research where Design has an important role, and among all knowledge on Design, we look at research that focuses on aspects of food or eating.
Principal Editor
Rick (H.N.J.) Schifferstein
Delft University of Technology
Founding Editor and Associate Editor
Francesca Zampollo
Founder of International Food Design Society
Associate Editor
Barry Kudrowitz
University of Minnesota
call for papers

The International Journal of Food Design, because of the very nature of the discipline it brings light to, is interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary: we welcome articles relating to more than one area of knowledge, articles that create bridges between disciplines, and articles that result from research teams made of scientists with unique expertise all contributing to the same research endeavour.

The journal welcomes research articles. Articles can be about theory, practice, or the intersection of the two. We value rigorous articles that show particular attention to data collection and data analysis, a strong collocation in the literature, and an original contribution to knowledge. Articles with 6000-8000 words (including references) are appropriate.
The journal also welcomes case studies, which are also peer-reviewed but should be 3000-4000 words long including references. The intention of case studies is to showcase and give value to original on-going projects, and practice-based or practice-led design projects, that show originality and potentials.
Finally the journal also welcomes literature review articles.
The journal welcomes contributions from, but is not limited to, the following areas of knowledge:
Design For Food
Design With Food
Food Product Design
Food Packaging
Interior Design For Food
Food Events Design
Food and Sensory Design
Emotional Food Design
Food System Design
Food Service/Management
Food Design History
Food Design Theory
Food Design Education
The journal also welcomes contributions from Food Science, Food Styling, Culinary Arts and Hospitality, as long as the topic presented is connected to Design too. For example: Design Thinking applied to Culinary Arts, and Design principle or processes applied to any Hospitality issue. Similarly, the journal welcomes contributions from any Design field, as long as the topic presented or the outcome of the design process relates to food or eating. The International Journal of Food Design is pursuing advance, originality, ingenuity, innovation, as well as thoroughness and rigour.

IMPORTANT: Before submitting a paper make sure you read carefully the Notes for Contributions. You can download the file HERE, you find the link immediately below “Call For Papers” 

CONTENT OF ISSUE 1, published in October 2015:

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A review of the Editorial, with definitions of Food Design.