Here is a list of books on Food Design.

  • Food Futures: Sensory Explorations in Food Design
    by Gemma Warriner and Kate Sweetapple 
  • Food Design by Katja Gruijters
    by Katja Gruijters
  • Eat Out! Restaurant Design and Experiences
    Edited by Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann, and Shonquis Moreno
  • Food Inspires Design
    Text by Francesca Zampollo and others. Published on the occasion of Grandma’s Design
  • Experimenta 67/68. Food Design
    Issue on Food Design, with articles from: Francesca Zampollo, Stefano Maffei and many others.
  • Inspired Bites: Unexpected Ideas for Entertaining from Pinch Food Design by Bob SpiegelTJ GirardCasey Barber 
  • Experimental Eating
    Edited by Thomas Howells and Leanne Hoyman. Black Dog Publishing Limited, 2014.
  • Junk Foodie
    by Emilie Baltz published by: Adams Media, 2010
  • Food Design. La trasversalita’ del pensiero progettuale nella cultura alimentare
    by Andrea Lupacchini. Published by: LIST Lab Laboratorio, 2014
  • Pane e DesignLe ricette dei designer
    Introduzione di Davide Longoni. Published by: Editrice Compositori, 2013
  • Progetto Cibo. La forma del gusto
    A cura di Beppe Finessi. Published by: Electa, 2013
  • Eat Design
    by Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter
  • Eat Me. Appetite for Design
    by Viction workshop Ltd
  • FoodMood
    by Stefano Maffei and Barbara Parini
  • Eat Love
    by Marije Vogelzang
  • food design XL
    by Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter
  • CrEATe: Eating, Design and Future Food
    by Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson
  • Food by Design
    Concept by Jump/Antonio G. Gardoni
  • Food: Design and Culture
    Edited by Claire Cattedall
  • Food For Thoughts. Thoughts For Food
    Edited by Richard Hamilton and Vicente Todoli

books useful to the understanding of Food Design

  • Food & Philosophy: eat think and be merry 
    Edited by Allhoff Fritz and Monroe Dave
  • Making Sense of Taste: Food and Philosophy
    by Carolyn Korsmeyer
  • The Physiology of Taste
    by Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
  • Dimensions of the Meal
    by Edited by Herbert L. Meiselman
  • Cooking: The Quintessential Art
    by Hervé This and Pierre Gagnaire.

articles useful to the understanding of Food Design

  • Zampollo, F. Peacock, M. (2016), Food Design Thinking: a branch of Design Thinking specific to Food Design, The Journal of Creative Behavior, Vol. 50, Iss. 3, pp. 203–210. Available Here.
  • Zampollo, F. (2015), Food Design for Business. Paper presented at the Design For Business conference, Melbourne, May 2015. Available HERE.
  • Zampollo, F. (2014), TED, a Design method for meaningful Eating Design. Available HERE.
  • Zampollo, F.  (2013), Towards a sub-categorization of the Food Design aspects: a Food Design wheel. Available HERE.

International Journal of Food Design

  • Zampollo, F. (2016). Welcome to Food Design (Editorial). International Journal of Food Design, 1(1), 3-9.
  • Wrigley, C. and Ramsey, R. (2016), Emotional food design: From designing food products to designing food systems, International Journal of Food Design, 1(1), 11–28.
  • Braun, M.H., Pradana, G.A., Buchanan, G., Cheok, A.D., Velasco, C., Spence, C., Aduriz, A.L., Gross, J. and LAsa, D. (2016). Emotional priming of digital images through mobile telesmell and virtual food, International Journal of Food Design, 1(1), 29-45.
  • van Melle, G. (2016), Shaping and sharing edible sound: A case study, International Journal of Food Design, 1: 1, 47–64.
  • Zampollo, F. (2016). The wonderful world of Food Design, a conversation with Marije Vogelzang (Interview. International Journal of Food Design, 1(1), 65-71.

Journal (Special Issue): HOSPITALITY AND SOCIETY Volume 3, Issue 3, 2013

  • Zampollo, F. (2013). Food and Design: Space, Place and Experience (Editorial). Hospitality and Society, 3(3), 181-187.
  • Mand, H.N., & Cilliers, S. (2013). Hospitable urban spaces and diversity. Hospitality and Society, 3(3), 211-228.
  • Mitchell, R., Woodhouse, A., Heptinstall, T., & Camp, J. (2013). Why use design methodology in culinary arts education? Hospitality and Society, 3(3), 239-260.
  • Renda, G., & Kuys, B. (2013). Design for disability: Industrial design-led interventions for assistive cutlery.Hospitality and Society, 3(3), 229-237.
  • Olsen Tvedebrink, T.D., Fisker, A.M., & Kirkegaard, P.H. (2013). Architectural theatricality: A food design perspective in hospitality studies. Hospitality and Society, 3(3), 189-210.

articles on Food Aesthetic

  • Korsmeyer, C. (2002). Delightful, Delicious, Disgusting. The Journal od Aesthetic and Art Criticism, 60(3), 217-225.
  • Sweeney, K. W. (2007). Can a Soup Be Beautiful? The Rise of Gastronomy and the Aesthetic of Food. In F. Allhoff & D. Monroe (Eds.), Food & Philosophy: eat, think and be merry. Malden, MA, USA: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

articles on Food Psychology

  • Zampollo, F., Wansink, B., Kniffin, K.M., Shimizu, M., Omori, A. (2012). Looks Good Enough to Eat: How Food Plating Preferences Differ Across Cultures and Continents. Cross Cultural Research. 46(1).
  • Zampollo, F., Wansink, B., Kniffin, K.M., Shimizu, M. (2012). Food Plating Preferences of Children: the Importance of Presentation on Desire for Diversity. Acta Pediatrica. 101(1), 61-66.
  • Hoch, S. J., Bradlow, E. T., & Wansink, B. (1999). The variety of an assortment. Marketing Science, 18(4), 527-546.
  • Wansink, B., & Cheney, M. M. (2005). Super bowls: Serving bowl size and food consumption. Jama-Journal of the American Medical Association, 293(14), 1727-1728.
  • Wansink, B., Painter, J., & Ittersum, K. v. (2001). Descriptive menu labels’ effect on sales. Cornell hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 42(6), 68-72.
  • Wansink, B., van Ittersum, K., & Painter, J. E. (2005). How descriptive food names bias sensory perceptions in restaurants. Food Quality & Preference, 16, 393-400.
  • Sobal, J., and Wansink, B. (2007). Kitchenscapes, tablescapes, platescapes, and foodscapes – Influences of microscale built environments on food intake. Environment and Behaviour, 39 (1), 124-142.

articles on the Eating Experience

  • Edwards, J. S. A., & Gustafsson, I. B. (2008). The Five Aspects Meal Model. Paper presented at the First international PhD conference – rationale and background, Orebro University, Sweden, 02-06 June 2007.
  • Edwards, J. S. A., & Gustafsson, I. B. (2008). The room and atmosphere as aspects of the meal: a review. Paper presented at the First international PhD conference – rationale and background, Orebro University, Sweden, 02-06 June 2007.
  • Macht, M., Meininger, J., & Roth, J. (2005). The pleasure of eating: a qualitative analysis. Journal of Happiness Studies, 6, 137-160.
  • Satterfield, D., Sunghyun, K., Baer, R., & Ladjahasan, N. (2008). Food as Experience. A design and Evaluation Methodology. Paper presented at the Design Research Siciety Biennal Conference, Sheffield UK.


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